Monday, September 28, 2009


The greatest joy in writing and sharing what I write is that people are free to take their mood and emotion and apply it to what I share. They feel unified, acknowledged, and validated as if I'm speaking only to them and I understand, and they, in turn, understand me. I am driven to write to foster this relationship with others; discovering and strengthening the common thread between us.

I have a few special friends that are songwriters. Their song is sung and each member of the audience has their own personal experience to apply to the words, their own life's perspective comes into view just a little clearer for them.

I have often said, I wish I could sing beautifully so other's lives were embellished with joy from my voice. I can't sing, but I can try to write something worth your time, something that makes you feel your heart beat in your chest just a little stronger, something that takes your breath away, something that makes you think a new thought, heartens or inspires you. I hope to gift those of you taking time to read my words with some form of validation and love.

I wrote the following poem after meeting one of my songwriter friends. It's not about love, although if you want to read it that way you can, but rather about recognizing another's spirit. We are all in this together and some of us have been hanging out closely, often unbeknownst to us, for many many lifetimes. We are of the same spirit tribe. I need all of you, all of the time.

I can't wait to meet more of my spirit tribe!!

Here is the poem, I hope you like it.

Spirit Tribe

I met you in a song you sang

Your spirit revealed itself under the music.

In that moment, I knew I'd met you before.

You recognized me as well, pulling me into you, holding me
tight like a lost friend found.

We ARE from the same spirit tribe.

We have travelled together in other lives.

In this life, we have come too far alone.

Will we overcome the lost time....?

Habits of this life without you,
Habits of your life without me?

Your spirit pulls me like a ribbon wrapped round my heart,
tender and strong. Relentless...
I get no rest from it.

Where ever you are, part of me leans in that direction.
Lonely misery owns (parts of) me.

Sing me a song sweet bird.

Victoria Hart


  1. Yes I think we have and now are reconnecting. My tribe is Cherokee. Wow I am so glad to find you!!

    You are by far one of the best blogs I have run across in a long time.

    It's very rare when you just know and I know!

    Hugs to you my sister!

  2. Oh, Jackie, thank you. I lost one of my sisters, and I welcome all women to embrace me as a sister! I'm so happy to meet you! (Jackie is my favorite name by the way), much love and blessings, -V

  3. "I met you in the song Finding Peace you sang..."
    PEACE! Thanks...

  4. Thank you, that is my song I suppose...glad you tuned in! Thanks for the comment.