Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Me and My ART

Art is a relatively new world for me, following a head injury, I found I was only able to fully function when I was creating something. The world of art was a gift from a tragedy. Clay was introduced to me as a potential healing medium and healing it was.
Nearly 2 years ago, I began studying ceramic sculpture. Always true to my nature to find ways to express myself as a witness to my life experiences, ceramic sculpture was a soulful match for me. Meditating my emotions and experiences through expression in sculpture, breathing my life into the clay, has allowed me to fully understand and grow beyond the experiences and has provided me with a means of controlling the outcome. During this process, I was able to choose the resulting product. In this manner, I have integrated these experiences, making them a part of me, the sculpture being birthed in the process, there in lies the healing. Seeing myself clear and whole in my creations and sharing them with others, I hope to stimulate conversations among the observers about their own experiences. 
Incidentally, the nude female forms I create represent the vulnerability of the human form, and the breasts represent universal, enduring life. The brain injury and trauma I’ve experienced made me retreat from the world in search of safety and left me feeling very vulnerable. Life is so very precious to me now. I feel compelled to create human forms that represent these vulnerabilities and the sensitive nature common in all living beings. 

Here are a few of the ceramic sculpture pieces I have exhibited in my first gallery show at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO. The exhibit is open to the public until July 27, 2012 and these most of these pieces are available for purchase. You may also contact me with interest by commenting below. I hope you enjoy.

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