Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you still have ginger on hand from the previous recipe, go out and pick up the rest of these ingredients. You want to try this
simple, nutrient dense, beautifully green and refreshing smoothie. I drink this smoothie when my belly is a little upset. I feel immediate relief and an all over sense of well-being. I highly recommend this for any indigestion, irritable bowel, reflux, or on days when you just need a revitalizing pick-me-up. I can't wait to share this with all of you. Please let me know what you think.

As with all smoothies you can adjust the ingredients, for the most part, to your palette. On days when I'm not necessarily drinking this for my belly but more for the revitalizing effect, I'll add vanilla whey protein. Whey protein has strong immune-boosting effects much needed by us folks with chronic illness.
Best to you and enjoy!


1 Banana
Bunch of fresh, washed Dandelion Greens
1 cup Mango Juice (I use “Naked” Mango-Tango)-quantity is to your liking and adjusted to the consistency you prefer
1 cup frozen Mango chunks
1 cup plain yogurt (with live cultures)
2-3 large pieces of crystallized ginger cut into smaller pieces
1 Tablespoonful flax oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend til smooth. Greens will be gorgeously speckled throughout.
Even better topped with fresh organic blueberries.
This keeps fairly well in the fridge in a tightly sealed jar for about a day.

Victoria Hart


  1. Hi Victoria! I just tried this over the weekend - LOVE it! I'm doing a series of blogs on the food industry and the serious - critical really - state of our foods. Please help me spread this around - I believe in the power of the people as consumers - but there is a lot people need to know! I appreciate any and all help!

  2. looks healthy...yet good. i might just have to try this!

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