Friday, September 11, 2009



Where are you when I need to talk--to you, to anyone?
Why is it that your need for quiet is when I need to chatter?
Just listen honestly and intently for a few minutes, then I will speak no more...
til the next time.

Can you leave your cave and come sit with me
in this field of wildflowers?

Can you hold your lips to mine
Just a little longer dear?

Wrap your arms around me
and press your heart to mine, til they beat as one?

I wait to see you all day,
but all I see is the back of you
heading away...
away from me.

Am I crazy to feel alone in the middle
of this crowd?
Spoken words of mine glaze over the room w/out notice.
The space between us spans miles,
while you stand next to me.

I would rather be alone than
lonely with you.
I would rather be a ablaze with fire
than feel this chill in the air.

What happened to the look in your eye?
the one I loved to feel follow me
around the room?
Where are you?
Where did We go?
And why am I standing here
with you?
-Victoria Hart


  1. Hey Victoria - Leonard Cohen is my all time favorite... hard to listen to anymore. Love the poem - I get it, I'm sure I have a similar entry in my journal... Have fun with the blog, it's cool. Linda

  2. Thanks Linda, I think the poem is truly about the relationship between men and women, not always, but at times and eventually; just the nature of our differences. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the groove!

  3. I can truly relate to that. Sometimes I think that men and women weren't meant to be in long-term relationships.