Monday, April 30, 2012

Chronically Human

Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing her new health challenges, after so many years of being fortunate with great health, she now was facing a diagnosis which required her to make significant life changes. She was complaining to me about how difficult the change was for her and then, with a rather smart tone, told me how it was so much easier for me because I'd been in really healthy routine for so long. Well, you can imagine, if you know me at all, that I had something to say about that. Everyone who struggles with a disability or chronic health issue knows that there are no easy days, every day requires discipline and strife just to keep an even plateau, sometimes to keep your head above water, and sometimes fighting to get back to that plateau. I can't remember an easy day in such a very long time. Anyway, sometimes answers come straight at you when you need them the most, as did this video. That very afternoon, I found this video sitting in front of me while I was researching another subject. You'll understand after watching that I forwarded it right away to my friend. 
Much of what Aimee has to share here about her life, I could say to you as well, in different words, with the exact significance. How many times have I heard, "you're so attractive, you don't look sick"....and more.
This is shared with you because I know, you struggle as well, either with your own difficulties, or you struggle in your heart with compassion for those you love who suffer with illness and disability. This is for you because you are my Human friends. 

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