Friday, January 6, 2012


I attended a slide presentation tonight given by one of my most creative friends and artist, Caroline Douglas. Caroline creates figurative sculpture from clay and I have been very inspired by her work as well as her story. You see Caroline and I have a few things in common, all of which define me and my path. We both suffered brain injuries and have worked toward healing through our expression in clay. I only recently became friends with Caroline, but our conversations and understandings require very little exchange of words. We have that knowing of an experience, the shared language, undefined, that many folks who've survived tragedies share. She and I both appreciate our injuries in the sense that we have realized so much good can arise from loss; there is so much more challenge of oneself to grow and expand from our core selves. I value Caroline's strength and mentoring immensely. I'd like to share some of her work with you. You can find Caroline Douglas on Facebook or at


  1. Victoria, Thank you so much for your support and recognition. I do feel we have so much in common and I have been delighted by you and your many creative expressions. Our experiences have made us who we are. Let us celebrate that we have creativity, and especially clay, as a healing tool! You are an inspiration!

  2. Some wonderful work. My favorite is the woman lounging sleepily on the small divan.