Thursday, December 31, 2009


What is in the way, is often the way; the way through to a truer essence of yourself. Life lessons can often be learned by searching just beneath the surface of an issue that is troubling you. The lesson or true meaning may be hidden deeply from you simply because you have diverted your attention away too long, and your issue is now a mounting frustration. Feelings of frustration move you further away from enlightenment. Your frustration has become your new problem, a veritable detour from the problem and from the truth you are meant to discover. How to find the answers, how to find your way through, and learn something meaningful in the process?
Ask what it is that you are avoiding or not giving your full attention to? Stress and suffering are inevitable, but we have a choice about how we react and relate to them. Avoidance, putting your stressor in parenthesis, and moving on without fully addressing it will only make it a greater stressor for you down the road. One must deal with the stressor by recognizing it first. How to do that?
If you are not sure what you are avoiding, meditation could help reveal the answer to you. Meditation comes in many forms: dancing, playing an instrument, creating a work of art, cooking (creating a work of art), gardening, exercising, reading, etc; essentially any activity that silences or focuses your mind for a period of time providing relaxation is a form of meditation. You will have to find what works best for you. Just know that the end result is what is important, mental calm and relaxation lead one to the answers that have been blocked for so long by mental clutter and chaos. Strive to maintain a quiet and observing presence; stop fueling the mind chatter.

Here is one method of intentional meditation:
Sit in comfortable position, play some soft, soothing music, and focus on your breathing. Start with the exhale, allowing it to relieve your body of tension. Feel the tension in your face release, and then your neck and shoulders, inhaling and exhaling as you go the length of your body from head to toe. When thoughts come into your mind, simply notice them without engaging. Each time your mind wanders, gently guide it back to the very next breath. When you are fully relaxed, invite your wise and loving self to emerge. Allow your thinking mind to settle. Welcome your true essence and take this opportunity to ask, "What problem am I not giving my attention to?"
Allow your true self to bring light and knowledge to you; what shift do you need to make in your life that will result in a meaningful change, that will clear the way for you? Hold this space with reverence and patience. Be patient, the answer will come. That which is revealed to you is a reflection of your true self without the outside world views interfering. This true self is here to guide and support you to a clearer perspective and a healthful, peaceful state of mind.

This exercise, sitting with the true essence of yourself, is always available to you when you find that you're thoughts are blocked or in need of clarification. Do not worry if you have trouble reaching a relaxed state at first; pat yourself on the back for the time you've given to the betterment of your health and try again later. Remember, the more you practice, the quicker and clearer the answers will be made available to you. Meditative practice will provide you with an easily accessible tool of calm simply by thinking of yourself in the meditative state. It may be helpful to associate your meditative state with a symbol, one that relates to your spirit, or a word and calling that symbol or word to mind when a bit of calm is needed in the crux of the day.

Best to you, peace and strong health in the New Year.

Victoria Hart


  1. Warm greetings Victoria,
    Some excellent advice you have noted here. I try to incorporate such techniques into my daily life.
    Having a peaceful external ambience is most conducive to my inner ambience.
    Thank you for sharing this, Victoria. Here's wishing that 2010, the start of a new decade; is a most peaceful, positive time for you and your loved ones.
    With kindness and respect, Gary

  2. Hello Gary, it's always nice to get a visit from you. Happy 2010 to you with Peace and Love.

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  5. "What is in the way, is often the way." Wow! There's one I wish I wrote. That's a whole essay in itself. No need to say anymore. Simply brilliant.

  6. Thank you so much Marty!!! I say...go for it, if you like; that subject is truly inexhaustible.
    You are the brilliant one.