Thursday, October 8, 2009


My husband prepared brunch for me at his house on our second date. I drove from Denver up high into the mountains to his lovely home on a most gorgeous fall day. When I got there, he had prepared for us fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, and homemade, he made, quiche. I was delighted and it was delicious. After filling our bellies we set out for a hike and the exchange of good conversation. He was a very attractive man, and I should say still is, but I was a bit jaded about guys at the time and it would take more to impress me. No doubt the quiche was good, the hike was lovely, but it wasn't until I was leaving that I really saw him, that I was interested in him. The simplest act can reveal one's true character; as he walked me out to my car he noticed my front license plate was hanging by one screw, he grabbed a screwdriver, climbed under the front bumper, down in the dirt and fixed it without even a second thought. Then he had my attention, and kept it, we were married 8 months later. We are still together after 13 years and when I need him, he is always ready to help. If I'm lucky, he makes the quiche!
I'm not saying this will work for all of you looking to win your love over, but there is conclusive evidence! Starting with the quiche is a good idea.

This recipe takes time, but is simple and it makes a lot, so you can keep it in the fridge and get a few meals out of it. (This also presents well when inviting friends over for dinner or breakfast.)

Crustless Spinach Quiche:

6 scallions, chopped or 1/2 onion chopped
2 jalapenos minced (optional)
2 tspfuls minced garlic
1/2 medium sized red bell pepper chopped (optional)
1 lb baby spinach leaves, or chopped mature spinach leaves

Saute in olive oil first 4 ingredients until tender, add spinach, turn heat down and allow moisture to cook off, this will take several minutes.

In the meantime, in a bowl combine the following:
7 eggs beaten with 1 Tablespoon cream
1 lb Muenster cheese shredded
1/2 lb smoked Gouda shredded
8 oz sliced cremini or button mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste
1 can, 8 oz or 16 oz, canned Salmon, drained, picked over, flaked, (optional-I often opt out on this ingredient, personal preference, but it is a nice change at times and makes much more of a complete meal if added.)

Combine skillet mixture with egg mixture and blend. Pour into 2 qt capacity round casserole dish prepped with cooking spray, (bottom and sides.) Spread evenly in pan, bake at 350 degrees for approximately 45 mins, check center with fork or toothpick for wetness; quiche will continue to cook a bit after removing from oven so a little bit of wetness on fork is desired, use your best judgment here. Allow to cool a bit before serving or refrigerate and serve later chilled.
This is fantastic alone, or served with fruit or a salad.

Remember, it's just food; Have Fun! and Enjoy.


  1. Hey Vic, the quiche turned out awesome. Thanks-your Bro

  2. Victoria, your husband is indeed a very handsome man, but then he'd have to be to match your beauty, inside and out. I agree, more can be said for the little impromtu actions than by all the planned events. A man once brought me coffee in front of the entire Drama class. He was no ordinary man but a professionsl actor who'd gone back to school. There had been a big write up about him coming to our little home town college and he was a star. But he brought me the coffee as I sat beside the Director taking notes and I was more touched than by anything anyone has done since (except for a few). We've been friends this past 25+ years and still keep in touch regularly. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I've had three and none has worked out, probably due to my upbringing added to the three themselves. The point of all this is that I love quiche and will try your recipe soon. Blessings on you and yours, Connie

  3. I've been thinking about what I wrote above and realized that I haven't been exactly honest. When I wrote about my three failed marriages I should have said none has worked out, probably due to my upbringing added to the three themselves and ME. Some of the responsibility has to certainly go to me. "Oh, Lord, keep your eye on me. You know how foolish and reckless I can be... (kw)" Just wanted to come clean. Connie

  4. Yes, we are all part of the problem, most of the problem. We have to forgive and love ourselves first, then forgiving and loving others is CAKE! Love to you Connie.