Thursday, October 22, 2009


There are many paths to one's destination in life. Sometimes the path we find ourselves on is not the one we would have chosen or planned for our journey. Despite that, the destination is still yours to have if you truly want it. Destinations are not always an actual physical location, for some it is a state of being or state of mind, such as the ideal self.

Don't be discouraged by the obstacles you encounter along the way to your destination. Don't get down on yourself-that behavior is equivalent to buying into the struggle or investing in the obstacle itself, and a belief that you are not worthy of attaining the goal you have set/your destination. Forge onward, despite the path, despite the obstacles, acknowledge them or not, you must simply walk around, move your focus to the place you want to be all the while accepting the here and now. Don't resist or refuse what is being revealed to you in the form of struggles; the path is your schooling. Now is the time to learn, you are being prepared to be the best person you can be when you reach your destination. Enjoy every step.

--Victoria Hart


  1. Greetings Victoria,
    And from every obstacle in my life, I learn a little more about myself, indeed, I get that little bit closer to that positive destination.
    Obstacles teach lessons and what I learn brings me that one step closer to peace and contentment.
    Life is about choices. I choose to live life with realistic positive anticipation.
    Let us all rejoice and celebrate a new dawn of a cleaner, kinder, more compassionate world.
    I wish you well in all your steps, Victoria.
    Peace and respect, Gary.

  2. I have conversations with my son all the time that involve where he wants to go in life. The obstacles that he feels are in his way are external, whereas for my own personal journey my biggest obstacle is that I need to get out of my own way. One day we'll both get there.

  3. Yes, well said. The days I'm not so well, the path is elusive to me; the days I'm well, step aside!
    Thanks for stopping by Gary and Tina. !!