Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honoring the Divine In You

Just this morning I was thinking I "needed" to practice yoga today. And then I fell into the to-do-list crevasse. How can I spend time relaxing in a gentle pose, while so much needs to be done after so many days of illness?
It is true, taking time out of my day to exercise, often feels like I am displaying a selfish attitude towards my loved ones and friends. But...
Honoring oneself is the root to honoring others. Strengthing this basic foundation by exercising, reading, or doing whatever it is that nourishes your spirit, will provide you with a traquil disposition. When the family arrives home and you all gather together; you prepare dinner, finish the laundry, and help the children with their homework. You will find you have more to give because you have first honored yourself. You will feel peace instead of resentment.
Let me say, that I know by experience, when I don't put myself on the list, at the top of the "to-do" list, I feel resentful and sometimes display outburst of anger, as if it were my family's fault. I must be responsible enough, care enough about them, to take care of myself first, so I will be present with a calm acceptance for whatever they bring home to me.
Many feel exercise, in any form, is a means of nourishing the divine within. Yoga works best for me in this sense. When I practice yoga, my spirit is replenished and cleansed. Of course, yoga is not the only route to a renewed you. A friend of mine, walks every evening with a group of women and they discuss their belief in God and ways to incorporate more of the scripture in their daily lives. I think that is quite a fantastic "movement." I picture the loving fellowship and immense endorphins they must have afterward. What a gift to share with your family, a new, refreshed you.
Love works the same way, we need to find the love for ourselves before we can fully love another. Whatever your starting place is, you can easily more toward more self-love by practicing one simple thing a day to honor yourself; something as easy as a walk around the block with open eyes and a quiet mind unites you with the sweet beauty of the universe.
Whatever you choose to do to honor the divine within you, I promise you will be blessed with serenity. Best of all, you will have more love, respect, and tolerance for yourself. Once you recognize the benefits of gifting yourself with moments of honor, build on it, keep going, keep growing more healthy and more lovable. Create a harmonious life.
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  1. Hi Love,

    This is the perfect fit for me as I come out my latest emotional coma. My depression tailspin, which usually results in sleeping as much as possible - was curtailed when the doctor told me I'd be going to the hospital if I didn't get my ass (pardon my language) out of bed. So instead - I've been reading. 3 books in the last week and half. I was feeling it was still an avoidance tactic, but I really enjoyed the books and feel more centered as I finish up the 3rd one. Getinng other things done as well that I was avoiding. Keep up the good work, my'll keep us all running in the end!


  2. Thank you Myrium. I'm sorry you've been suffering so lately. Reading is a good way to spend moments honoring yourself. I hope you can find something to do every day for yourself; I really like my friend's idea of walking with other women and not just gossiping, but sharing positive thoughts. Chocolate and salmon are great for boosting the "feel good" juices in the brain. Love to you. Please email me if I can help you in any way. V

  3. Victoria,
    When my children were very small and their father (who I loved madly, blindly and selflessly) and I divorced I was left in what could be described as a pile of mental shreds, devoid of hope and colorless in my daily visions. I was no good to myself or my children. So, I left my little ones with my older sister and went out in search of me. I was gone five months. I was criticized and judged negatively for my actions. I, on the other hand, know that it was the best thing I could have done. Because if you aren't any good to yourself, you can't be any good to anyone else and often the lack of self preservation causes great harm to those around you. I was "led." I did what I had to and it has taught me the same lesson your writing tells us, to love yourself, help yourself, do for yourself first. The goal of all this selfishness should be to gain enough control to help others. If not, it is only selfishness and that helps no one. I agree, Victoria, we must put ourselves at the TOP of the "to-do" list. We each have to follow our own paths no matter what people say. Love your dailies, and love you. Blessings on all, Connie

  4. Ah yes Connie, the gift of intuition: a natural survival tool, and my favorite. Thank you for commenting my friend.

  5. Life is what it is. It promises us nothing..yet gives us everything from bad to good to do what we see fit with.

    It is so important to be able to take situations and pull ourselves out of them. To be able to stand back and really look at what it is.
    Simplifying issues that inevitably will send us into deep depressions is a vital first step in any trauma or fatality that life throws our way. It is the step in being able to emotionally handle as much of the situation as possible.

    I have another book for you that I recommend. I have actually just written a review on this book.

    It is called... November Mourning.. J Cronin

    My review ow it is here...

    I leave you with this thought... Those who go before us cannot steady the unrest of those who are left to behind to follow.


  6. I agree Victoria, prioritizing is an essential key to harmony in any situation. Personally I indulge in painting which provides for me the escape I need and which I enjoy with a passion.

  7. Thanks for the book info Dorothy, and your wise words.
    Sadia, my other favorite magic potion is pottery--it takes me to another world, a world of peace and possibility.

  8. I'm passing along a comment made by my friend Sue, from Kevin Welch's site (, lovely and notable:
    Your blog stories take us all to places we may not wish to go to but which are all about life and love and the trials and tribulations which come with it. Thankyou for taking us there Victoria. And for bringing us back too.
    I notice that on the blog homepage you have a photo of one of Bruno Torfs bush sculptures which was lost in the Marysville fires back in February this year. How incredible that it has found it's way around the world and into your special space....I love that.....and I'm sure Bruno would too. For anyone who is interested, it is worth a vist to Bruno's web page to see how rebuilding at the bush studio is coming along.
    Today's (19th Sept) quote from my "Buddhist Offerings 365 Days" book:
    "Begin to recite inwardly the following phrases directed to yourself. You begin with yourself because without loving yourself it is almost impossible to love others:
    May I be filled with loving-kindness.
    May I be well.
    May I be peaceful and at ease.
    May I be happy".
    (Jack Kornfield)
    'nuff said! Peace. Sue

    +++Yes, Sue, that is Bruno's work; I feel love when I look at it.

  9. To live a content and happy life you have to take care of yourself and if you do you will be more efficient and productive. The people around you will benefit from your improved well being as well.

    Trust me I have tried both ways and never taking time out to relax, exercise and recharge your batteries simply does not work.

  10. Thank you Brian; I agree, people love me more when I love myself first. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I love how you said that honoring yourself is the root to honoring others. That is such a simple but profound true statement. I'm going to start reminding myself of that every day so I don't beat myself up so much. I recently had my own health issues I was dealing with and my physical therapist actually recommended I try pilates in Boulder as part of my rehabilitation. So now I have a doctor's excuse, too!